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Τρίτη, 30 Αυγούστου 2011

le fish ακροβατικό 3d ανεμόπτερο χαμηλού κόστους

wasabi total aerobatic slope - Τηλεκατευθυνόμενο ανεμόπτερο για ακραία ακροβατικά

Wasabi Setup & Flight Tips by Francois Lorrain

Setting up Camber:
* Best acceleration camber is 0°
* Best lift to drag camber is 4°
* Best sink rate camber is 8°
In general, a pilot will transit at a higher speed then best lift to drag speed which means for an efficient transition
he will need less camber. The same is true for low sink speed. So if you have to chose fixed camber settings,
I'd chose something like 3mm for cruise and 6mm for slow speed or slermalling. If you chose to use the camber
on your throttle stick, you could have 0° with forward stick and +8° with aft throttle stick.
When launching the plane into the breeze for the first time, make sure you have at least 2 to 4° of camber.
For landing, the flaps may be lowered down by 30°. The aileron horns have actually be sized so that they will
allow +-30° deflection just for this purpose.
The flaps down at 30°, the Wasabi will land easily at your feet even with gale winds. In order to retain good roll
control, you'll need to program a virtual dual rate switch with your landing flap setting so that aileron throws goes
to max when the flaps go beyond 20°

Then you have to consider snapflap setting and that makes things a bit more complicated because the idea is to
never exceed 8° of camber in order to avoid creating drag while not improving lift.
The Wasabi likes snapflaps but if you've followed me from the start the ideal snapflap curve would be to have +-
8° when general camber is at Zero and +-0° when general camber is 8°. So if you can create a snapflap curve in
your transmitter then it could be interesting to play with it along these guidelines. I personally haven't played
with a snapflap curve but I've chosen to have snapflap mix on a switch so I can remove it when I cruise with a lot
of camber or for some snap rolled and stalled stunts. Therefore I have the snap setting at +-5°. A lot of care
must be taken that your flaps go down by the exact same amount otherwise your loops will twist.

Center of Gravity

The CG for the first flight should be set at 88mm and then tuned to your taste.
With 88mm the Wasabi will need just a _very_ light forward pressure to fly level inverted.


Rudder deflection needs to be set as high as possible and the use of a fast servo is preferred. You will notice
that for some reason the rudder has a bit less authority then the Voltij rudder.

Slowing for Landing

Don't forget to explore the low speed limit with some camber (6mm-->8mm) and you'll be surprised. This will
also help you to free your mind about the landing and avoid landing too fast.
I've noticed that most pilots are reluctant to slow the Wasabi and they tend to land much too fast. You have to
force yourself to slow it down much beyond what you feel you should.
Also in strong winds, don't hesitate to drop the flaps all the way down to 30° (you have to mix an auto revert to
high throws beyond 15° of Flaps) and this will allow you to parachute with zero ground speed. I think it is likely
that you wouldn't damage the plane even when landing in rocky slopes if you use this high drag low speed